They say there is a season for everything,
Under the yellow sun and silver moon.
In ebb and flow,
I watch these changing things,
Come and go,
But Peace,
Always in fruit,
Forever in season,
Is the One you say will stay with me.
Beginning to end,
Devoted friend,
My ever-renaissance,
I trace it all back to you.

Dweller, Abider, Beholder,
Will you reside here with me?
Wait here with me?
Reclaim the rest that was taken from me?
Make your home in heart here with me?

Not only now,
But always.
Not only in this place,
But every place.
Not only for this hour,
But for every hour all the more.

Waking or sleeping,
Under yellow suns and silver moons,
You are the world within me –
The serenity in all I see.
Always and in every place,
There’s no corner you will not be.

Dweller, Abider Beholder,
I trace it all back to you.

[Peace, Behold her]

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