Found face to face with all these great unknown things,
They paused,
Just for a while,
And listened to the symphony of the still.

Diminishing distraction,
Quietening the noise,
They heard the voice of a brand new harmony,
And she sounded a lot like Hope.

In a world where they could see anything,
They let their eyes align to see the Light.
Where some saw chaos,
They found peace.
Where others only saw grey,
They chose to live in colour.
Where many disconnected,
They leant in and let themselves be moved
In heart and soul –
Even in the unrest of it all.

As for them,
Imagination was birthed,
Creativity conceived,
Empathy ran deep,
And easy joy was found –
Even face to face
With all these great unknown things.

[As for them, they listened to the sound of Hope]

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