Dear Self,

From when you rise in the morning in the bright of the day,
Until the moment you lay your head in the quiet of the night,
I hope you see that there is a Light.
And this Light, unlike any other,
Brings your true colours to life.

This Light, in love,
Meets you,
Draws near to you,
Falls upon you,
Wherever your feet may land.
It calls you worthy,
Even here,
Exactly where you stand.

This Light illuminates every corner,
Brings Hope to every space,
And even in the darkness,
Shines brightly on your face.

Dear Self,

So be it that the world misunderstands you,
Distorts you,
Mistakes you,
Puts a mask upon you,
There is a God in Heaven who knows you.
And may you know that you are not held for ransom,
You are not captive to that which seeks to conceal you still,
You are gold,
Pure and solid gold,
And there is treasure buried beneath your chest
By the One who is Goodness and God himself.

Dear Self,

You are free,
So may you let yourself be.
In pure of heart and in mighty strength,
You move against the current and you stand tall among the rest.
So may you pick up this bruised body,
Step up and go forth,
Exchanging your scars for stories,
For you are the brave and the bold.

May you scream and shout it out,
And cross onto new ground.
Breaking free from this mould,
May you abandon your mask of old.
Dancing in calling true-colour Light,
May you run through the fields,
And sing at the top of your lungs
For realness is your most natural song,
As it will always be.
For to be real is to be free –

Dear Self,

Do not mask or deny your vulnerability.
It is your greatest asset –
Your strength of strengths.

For you,
True you,
Scrapes on your knees you,
Uncovered you,
Innermost you,
Lovely you,
Are embraced and all.
Blemishes and bruises beloved and all.
Scars and wounds welcomed and all.
Through and through,
All in all.
Loved, in true colours,
By Him,
Here, now, forever,
And more.

 – For Fierce Conference 2020 –

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