Oh, Brave of Heart,
In all of these disappointments
And diminished dreams,
Through all of these scrapes found on your knees.
In all of these great expectations unmet,
And promises unkept,
May you get up,
And fight for a life that dives deep into Hope.

Oh, Brave of Heart, may your courage never dim.

In joy and in depression,
May you come to see beauty,
Even in the debris,
Through all of your years.

In the face of the doors that closed on you,
And the walls that fell down on you,
May you never grow faint, Brave Heart,
For you see,
All of these ruins will be rebuilt,
And all of this wreckage will be restored,
In double the strength,
In twice the might,
And in even more glory still.

May you one day look back and see,
That all of these aches,
And all of these growing-pains,
Lead you to your greatest of days,
Your bravest of days.
And all of these ‘no’s were steps to a more beautiful ‘yes.’

So in all of your highs,
And all of your lows,
May you keep on carrying on,
And may your faith be resurrected once more.

Oh, Brave of Heart, there is so much waiting for you yet.

The rain will pour down on earth unwatered,
Quenching every dream forgotten,
Building and bringing new life
To that which was trodden.
For the seeds that you’ve sown will grow up still.
And every time your lamp burnt late into the night,
Your work was never in vain,
And your energy never wasted –
For the joy and the life ahead of you is wild.

Oh Brave of Heart, just wait and see it be.

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