Somewhere along the road,
Between The Way-Back-Then,
And The Glorious-Now,
I found myself free
From the weights on my back
That pulled me to small spaces,
And less-than places.

I picked up my freedom where I left it,
In the open hands,
Of the One who held my hand,
Wherever life moved me,
From Way-Back-Then,
To The Glorious Now.

Somewhere along the road,
Though I couldn’t tell you where,
My heartache limp grew to strength Moving strides,
And my free-spirit breathed in,
Breathed out,
A sweetness of freedom once more.

I stretched my legs,
Took off my shoes,
Stood up tall,
And set off along the Pathway of Peace,
From Way-Back-Then,
To the Glorious-Now,
And into my no-ordinary,
Fullness-of-soul future.

– [Then], when the time was right, the way before me suddenly cleared.


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