🌙 For the curious, dreamer, doer, and the imagineer:

Awake my soul,
Awake my thoughts,
Awake this imagination of mine,
To imagine the good and the gold,
To bound beyond the four corners of this mind of mine.
To dare to live in the curiosity and the more.
Where the walls fall down,
And the borders cease to be – heart alive and wide open.

Awake this life of mine,
To explore earth untouched,
To set foot on ground yet walked,
To scale the heights of that which is yet to be sought.

Awake these eyes of mine,
Open up the doors,
Never to be closed – always to be curious.
To see what I thought could never be seen,
The wild scope of the surprising,
All that is bright and all that is bold,
All that is yet to be uncovered and told.

Awake this soul of mine in peace of mind,
To creativity and art,
Languages and stories.
For even if I tried,
I could not dim the wonder of this world and all that is within –
The that which lives and that which is yet to exist,
That which is yet to be.

Awake my soul.



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