I have this disruptive hope that change is on the way.
That your lungs will be filled up with courage and your bones with strength.
And running through the fire, you will reach your Newfoundland.

Walking in the wilderness and searching for the sun,
You will go on to face many fears and laugh many laughs,
You will go on to feel joy,
Deep in the depths of where you thought it could not live,
In the spaces you thought had long been lost.

For one day soon,
The sky will clear, the waters will part,
And the crashing ways of the tidal waves will subside to still.
And so it shall be.

In the wrestle and the war,
When your limbs are tired and your hope deferred,
Kindness will come and she will speak rest to your soul,
Bringing as much peace as the storm does chaos.
For breakthrough is on the way,
And so it shall be.

You will remember this day when your knees hit the ground,
Not for the ache, the sting, or the pain,
Nor for the silence of the unmoving mountain,
But for the arms that caught you mid-collapse,
And for the light that came crashing through the night to hold you.

For one day soon, you will walk bravely through,
You will lift your head and feel present again.
As the knot in your stomach unties,
And the thoughts that concern you reside,
The shadows will fall behind you,
And the warmth of peace will meet you as the sun rises in your Newfoundland.

Your story, not of pain, defeat, nor all which lies in between,
But of awe-inspiring hope, sweet hope,
An abiding breakthrough,
A beautiful restoration.

And as you grip tight the hand of victory,
May you know that even if it is not yet here,
So it shall be,
And so it shall rise.


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