“And all at once, summer collapsed into fall.” Oscar Wilde.

🍂  🍂 🍂

Golden brown and honey crisp leaves drift to burnt orange beds beneath, and life starts all over again, as if it had never begun at all.

Autumn, a reminder that letting go can be lovely too, falling can be lovely too, and this release will be worth it too.

In the heart of the abandon, you are being loved in the loss – in the gracious release, the free fall, and the beautiful undoing.

The new beginning you did not know you needed. The part of your story that is still being written.

And what you may not know, what you may not see, is that the loss gives way to becoming.

Branches free from the old, bare-bodied and naked for the new – ready for the glorious growing up ahead.

And little you may know, that life is still flooding through, channeling through, reaching through.

And little you may see, that fruit will form, the new will come and Spring will give way.

I promise, it will give way, and it will make its way through, as you will too.

And if you listen closely, you can almost hear the heartbeat of the new.

So what may have once felt like a loss, was all along, wrapped up in beauty and grace.

And as you come to the end of yourself, you find liberty in the place where tomorrow is not defined by today, and mercy is new every morning, every single day.

In this changing of seasons, in this gracious release, may your old collapse into your new, and your life start again, as if it had never begun at all.

🍂  🍂 🍂






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