As a child, I used to run into the arms of boundless ocean blue, spending hours enjoying her peace.

A lot like grace, she is kind, consuming, tangible. My childhood friend.

Beyond her streamlined surface lies an expansive world of the untold – vibrant, rich and unbridled.

She lives and breathes paradox – existing as both wild and calm, dangerous and serene.

Though the world may be crowded, she reminds me that there is still space for us.

Space to escape the borders of what we always know. Space to be alive and free whilst also being willingly held – embraced.

She reminds me that a new world needn’t only be an idea imagined, but it can be something real – something to be touched, seen, felt and known.

Water living, streaming, moving, does not compel me to stay at bay, but rather beckons me, like a child, to find and seek.

In the loving arms of the sea, I find life – awakening.

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