We packed our things into the car and headed west along the coast.

Windows down, we drove toward the hills.  It was 9:30pm – golden hour. My favourite time of day. I think it always has been.

We traveled through the steep and narrow windy roads, spiraling our way to the top of the peak, watching the seaside town we began our journey from blur into a sea of rolling lights, dancing in our rear-view mirror.

Upon reaching the top of the mountain, we jumped out of the car and made our way across the desert-like dusty road. The rocks surrounding us were red on reflection of the hot evening sun. I loved the sound of our feet treading and crunching along the gravel path.

A flutter of anticipation rose in my belly as we met the viewpoint.

Gazing up, I held my breath.

The sky painted a picture of pink and blue pastel hues. A kaleidoscope of colours each blending and colliding into the next, stretching endlessly across the expanse of the sky before eventually kissing the sea.

As the minutes passed us by, the sun continued its journey of transcendence, hanging itself lowly in the horizon, welcoming in warm and fiery oranges.

As if by one swift brush of oil paint, a soft and gentle gradient washed over the sky – crafting a sunset that spoke of something more.

Beyond the haziness of tonight, I don’t know what lies next. But standing here up high, I’ll learn to meet Peace in the present – for what could be more real than this?

When nothing else seems so sure, I’ll remember that as I only see one side of the faithful sun and silver moon, I know there’s a future that waits for me that I can’t yet see.

And I’ll make it through tomorrow, as I made it through many days that came before.

As the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, I’ll take heart in the promise of its movement and in the mosaic of its never-the-same display.

And beyond the haze, I’ll love the One who sets the sun.

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