There are days in which we stand wild and free in open spaces,
The air is clean here, the world beneath our feet.
We run, unconfined, barefoot without burden, the spring in our step is light and our cares – they drift heavenward.
Chasing horizons of possibilities, pregnant with hope, met by joy, kissed by freedom.

Peace be still. 


There are days in which the sky that surrounds us is grey,
Our perspective once coloured in vibrancy, now pressed by pain.
Our feet once delicate, now heavier than we can lift under the weight of our worry. 

Peace, be still. 

So here’s to one who stands unconfined on the peak the mountaintop, and here’s to the one who cannot see past the depths of the valley, Here’s to the one who makes her way through the storm, and here’s to the one seeking, searching for the stillness.  


Here’s to you: 

Peace is more than a fragment of your  imagination, more than a posture to embrace, more than a gift to be granted, a right reserved.
Peace is more than a place, a fleeting sensation subject to your situation, peace is a person and His name is Jesus.
He is a promise kept not broken,
He is your restoration, your answer, the source of your salvation.
He is alive in you, pursuing you, embracing you,
He fights for you, wages a war for you, makes His way to you.
The peace He gives cannot be robbed from you.

From moment to moment, breath to breath, to have and to hold – Peace be With you. Peace, your inheritance. Peace, pass it on. Peace, Be Still. 



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