Chris Pratt InStyle Photo Shoot

Chris Pratt Adds Commentary to His ‘In Style’ Photo Shoot

Have you ever looked at a magazine and thought, “You know what this photo shoot needs? More Chris Pratt.” Well, after checking out Pratt’s hilarious commentary of his InStyle “Man of Style” photo shoot, you just might.

The Jurassic World star was recently named September’s Man of Style, according toHuffington Post. So, he got his own photo shoot. He then posted a collection of the photos on his Instagram, giving everyone a bit of insight into each shot.

“Full disclosure I did not pick out any of the clothes which is kinda funny for a guy who is called the ‘man of style’” he captioned one gorgeous shot of him looking off into the distance, perhaps thinking about dinner.

As for his own personal style, he says that he prefers tees with American flags. Or, more specifically, he enjoys shopping for shirts that happen to be at the top of the “shirts pile” at the store. Which is something everyone can relate to.

In one photo he is styled casually, almost as if he had perhaps picked out the outfit. However, he goes on to comment on the tightness of the jeans. He also mentions that the hat wasn’t originally part of the plan – until he started sweating too much.

“In this photo, I try to casually put my left hand in my pocket but the pants are so tight I get the tip of three fingers in,” he said, though followers might disagree about the pants being “too tight.”

At one point, InStyle even puts the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 star in a Canadian Tuxedo! Or at least that is what Pratt calls it – “men of style” might call it a chambray shirt with a jean jacket. He also goes as far as breaking the illusion by admitting that his neck isn’t even itchy in the photo, he was just pretending.

Then there is a horse.

None of the final horse photos made it in the magazine. Pratt claimed that perhaps the “horse’s agent threw a Hollywood B**ch fit for some reason.” But, lo and behold here is one of the horse photos! To make it even better, it turns out that Pratt did get to style someone for this shoot.

“I put that hat on the horses head,” he captioned. “Boom. My Idea! And it didn’t even freak out.”

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