Disneyland Paris Is the Least Expensive of the Disney Parks Around the World

Considering a Disney vacation, but want to do it on a budget? If there is a will, there is a way. And, though Disney can get a bit expensive, the most inexpensive Disney Park may come as a surprise, based on the prices reported on Yahoo!

Most Expensive: Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando Florida — $382

The Walt Disney World Resort in Florida is not only the one most recognizable, but it is also the largest. Sporting four theme parks, two water parks, a collection of hotels and a restaurant and shopping district, there is certainly a lot to do for your money. However, money is exactly what it costs to visit.


2. Disneyland Anaheim: $374

Disneyland Anaheim is the most well-known of the parks. It’s full of classic rides, nostalgia and magic – of course. This is the only park Walt Disney actually got to see completed! Now it is home to both Disneyland and California Adventure, with a Downtown Disney District connecting the two. These additional parks will also bring costs.

3. Hong Kong Disneyland: $260

Hong Kong Disneyland in Hong Kong, China, is the smallest of the Disney parks spread across the world. It consists of only one park and is set up much like Disneyland or the Magic Kingdom at WDW Orlando. Though visiting Hong Kong would certainly lead to an interesting vacation, admission to this park is actually the highest amongst the Asian parks.

4. Disneyland Tokyo: $245

Tokyo Disneyland was the first Disney Park to be built outside the US. It is built to resemble Disneyland and the Magic Kingdom. There are two parks at this location – Disneyland and DisneySea. Both parks are very popular, but will cost visitors a pretty penny to visit.


5. Disneyland Shanghai: $198

Disneyland Shanghai is the newest Disney Park to open – June 16, 2016. This park sports classic rides with a new twist, such as Pirates of the Caribbean and Dumbo the Flying Elephant, as well as a few new rides. Getting from the US to Shanghai is a large expense, however park tickets are fairly inexpensive compared to other parks.



Least Expensive: Disneyland Paris: $153

For an inexpensive Disney Vacation, Disneyland Paris is the right destination! This European location hosts two parks — Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park — as well as Disney Village, a central shopping location. There are also many classic rides and attractions here, such as Space Mountain, It’s a Small World and Big Thunder Mountain. This park has everything WDW and Disneyland have to offer but at a much lower cost.

So, start saving and searching for those last minute deals on flights to France — Disneyland Paris is calling!

Originally posted on Womanista.com


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