California Family Loses Custody Battle to Keep Their Foster Child

Lexi is 6 years old and has been living with the Page family for four years. They are the only family she has ever known. However, because of a federal law that is designed to keep Native American families together, Lexi is being taken away from the Page family and given to her unknown relatives in Utah.

Lexi is 1/64 Choctaw and was taken away from her mother, who has a history of substance abuse, when she was 17 months old. Her father has a criminal record and happens to be part Choctaw himself. Neither of her parents is fit for custody, so a California judge decided to send Lexi to live with her father’s relatives — who, according to CBS News, are not Native American.

Her foster parents, Rusty and Summer Page, have been fighting to keep Lexi in their family for years. At first they tried to adopt the girl and make her an official Page, but they were unable to do so. Now they are fighting to keep her in their home. Currently a three-judge court in Los Angeles ruled to have Lexi removed from the Page home.

The Page family did as they were told, and gave Lexi to Child Services to be taken to her family. When Lexi was set to be moved, family and friends gathered at the Page house to support the family. Rusty Page carried Lexi out to the car — she was squeezing tightly to Page and her toy bear as she was handed off.

“How is it that a screaming child saying, ‘I want to stay, I’m scared,’ how is it in her best interest to pull her from the girl she was before that doorbell rang?” Rusty said to CBS in response to the judges saying that it was in Lexi’s best interest to be with her biological family.

Page says that when he put Lexi in the car she was saying, “I want to stay, I’m scared. Don’t let me go.” To which he replied, “I have to because the county of L.A. said I have to.”

The Page family will be taking this case to the California Supreme Court in hopes of returning Lexi to their home, the home where she has grown up.

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